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    2018年河南省技能大赛中职组中餐宴会摆台、客房中式铺床赛项 英语口试参考题库
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       1. Q: Ask the guests if they have a reservation with your restaurant.

         A: Good evening. Do you have a reservation?

       2. Q: How do you check upon the guest’s name of the reservation?

         A: Good evening. Under whose name was your reservation made?

       3. Q: The guests need a table for 4, and they would like to dine somewhere quiet.

         A: Very well. This way please. Here’s a window table for four overlooking the        lake. It’s very nice and quiet here.

     4. Q: Can you explain the terms of breakfast both for adults and children in the hotel?

     A: Sure, we offer breakfast at the rate of 128 RMB for each adult, and it’s free of charge for children under 6.

     A: The Rose Restaurant of our hotel serves very good Chinese food. It’s on the 2nd Floor.

     6. Q: Inform the guest that the restaurant is fully booked this evening, and suggest that he book a table the same time tomorrow evening.

     A: I’m sorry. We are fully booked this evening. How about tomorrow? We still have some nice tables available for tomorrow evening.

     7. Q: Ask the guests their preference for the egg dishes.

         A: How would you like the eggs done, Scrambled Eggs, Fried Eggs or Omelets?

     8. Q: Ask the guests their preference for food, Chinese, Western, Japanese or Korean.

    A:Which style of cuisine would you prefer? We serve Chinese, Western, Japanese and Korean food here.

     9. Q: How do you offer to take order for the guests in the evening?

    A: Good evening. May I take your order now? / Are you ready to order now?

    10. Q: How do you ask the guest to check his bill?

    A: Here’s your bill. Please check it. The fruit combination is on the house.

     11. Q: Visit the table to check if your service is satisfactory. Inform the guest the last course will be dessert?

     A: Is everything to your satisfaction? All the dishes have been served as the menu goes, except for the dessert to follow.

     12. Q: Ask the guest his preference for fruit juice.

      A: What kind of fruit juice would you prefer? We have grape juice, kiwifruit juice and orange juice.

     13. Q: Ask the guest’s choice of wine.

     A: Would you like a bottle of red wine to go with your Sirloin Steak?

     14. Q: What do you say when serving the guests their dessert?

     A: Here is your dessert. Please enjoy.

     15. Q: Ask the guest how he would like his steak prepared.

     A: How would you like your steak done? Rare, Medium or Well-done?

     16. Q: What is the duty of a Food and Beverage Manager?

     A: A Food and Beverage Manager is in charge and directs the work of

    the Department.

     17. Q: Tell the guests the general sequence of a Chinese dinner.

     A: Chinese dinner usually starts with cold dishes and ends with a soup.

     18. Q: What do you recommend if the guest orders a fresh white water fish?

     A: May I suggest steaming the fish to retain its freshness?

     19. Q: How do you ask about the guest’s preference for buffet or a la carte service?

     A: How would you like your dinner served? A buffet or an a la carte service?

     20. Q: How do you ask about the guest’s preference for salad?

     A: What kind of salad would you prefer? We have Ham Salad, Prawn Salad, and Fresh Vegetable Salad.

     21. Q: How do you respond to a guest’s compliments to your service?

     A: Thank you for your compliments. It’s our greatest pleasure to be of service.

      22. Q: Tell the guest where to pay his bill.

          A: You may pay the bill at the cashier’s desk. This way please.

      23. Q: Ask the guest what vegetable he’d like to have with his chicken.

          A: What vegetable would you like to go with your Roast Chicken?

      24. Q: What do you say in seeing off the guests?

          A: I’m glad you enjoyed. Thank you for coming! Good-bye.

      25. Q: Tell the guest what exactly is the dish of “Spaghetti with Lamb”.

      A: “Spaghetti with Lamb” is actually lamb cooked with herbs and served with spaghetti.

       26. Q: As a hostess, what’s the first thing you need to find out when the guest arrives?

       A: I have to find out whether the guest has a reservation or not.

       27. Q: What will a bartender tell the guests about Margarita?

       A: A Margarita is a popular cocktail made by mixing one part of tequila and three parts of dry wine and lemon.

       28. Q: What would you say if the guest wants to know the business hours of your       restaurant?

          A: We provide restaurant service from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day.

       29. Q: What information do you give when introducing your restaurant to the guest?

       A: I would tell the guest about the style, the specialties, the popular dishes, the business hours of the restaurant.

       30. Q: What would you say when you want to recommend something to the guest?

       A:May I recommend this one, madam? / May I suggest you try this one, sir? / Would you like to take a look at this, Miss?

       31. Q: After you have finished taking order for the guests, what would you say?

       A: Thank you. Please wait a minute. We’ll be back with your order soon.

       32. Q: If the guest wants to try some dishes that are typical local specialty of Suzhou, but he has no idea what to order, what would you recommend to him?

       A: I will recommend the Squirrel-shaped Mandarin Fish, the Quick-boiled White Shrimp, and the Stir-fried Shredded Eel with Hot Oil.

       33.Q: What would you say to the guest when you are recommending your house specialty?

       A: Would you like to try our house specialty? It’s very popular among our guests.

       34. Q: How do you respond to a guest’s complaint about the dish being too salty?

       A: I will apologize and say: “Let me organize another dish for you”.

       35. Q: If the guest tells you that his wife is a vegetarian, what would you say?

        A: We do serve delicious vegetarian food in our restaurant. Actually the Tofu dishes are very popular among the guests.

     36. Q: If a guest wonders whether he could smoke at the bar, what will you probably say?

       A: I will say “I’m sorry. But smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the bar.”

       37. Q: What would you ask when the guest orders whisky?

          A: I will ask “Do you want it straight up or on the rocks?”

       38. Q: What is the duty of an Executive Chef?

       A: An Executive Chef decides on the items on the menus, and coordinates the preparation of the food and beverage.

       39. Q: What will you do when the guest tells you that there’s a miscalculation in the bill?

       A: I will check with the guest carefully. If there is a mistake, I will apologize and then bring the bill back to the cashier’s desk to correct it.

       40. Q: What would you ask if the guest wants to settle his bill?

       A: How would you like to pay? In cash, by credit card, or room charge?

       41. Q: How do you make sure of the number of people in the dinner party?

        A:How many people are there in your party?

       42. Q: How do you ask the guests who is paying for the dinner?

       A: Do you want separated bills or just one single bill? / May I know who is paying,    please?

       43. Q: How do you ask the guests to take their seats?

       A: Would you please take your seats?

       44. Q: What do you ask to see if the guest would like to have an aperitif before ordering?

          A: Would you like an aperitif before you order? / Do you care for a drink before you order?

       45. Q: If the guest complains that the soup is cold, what should you do?

        A: I will apologize to the guest and promise to return the soup to the chef     immediately and get a fresh hot bowl of soup for the guest.

       46. Q: What question would you ask further when the guest orders coffee?

        A: Would you like your coffee black or white? / Would you like your coffee with cream or milk?

     47. Q: What are the five main kinds of restaurant services?

       A: There are mainly 5 kinds of restaurant services. They are gueridon service, silver    service, plate service, buffet service and takeaway service.

       48. Q: What’s the standard of excellence for restaurant service in a deluxe hotel?

          A: The restaurant service in a deluxe hotel is expected to be fast, polite, very       professional and of top quality.

       49. Q: Tell the guests about the choices they have for main course.

          A: What would you like to have for main course? We have Sirloin Steak, Roast Lamb, Grilled Prawns and Scallops with Ginger Sauce.

       50. Q: Ask and see if the guests would like to have something for dessert.

      A: What would you like for dessert? / What shall I bring you for dessert?

    二、 客房中式铺床部分情景应答及答题要点:

       1. Q: How do you respond if a guest wants to buy something nice to take back to his little girl?

       A: I will recommend the hotel gift shop to the guest. And if time permits, I will recommend the local market to him as well.

    2. Q: You come to make up room for a guest, but he tells you that he prefers it later    because he is busy doing some paper work, what will you say?

       A:I will say: That’s all right. I will come back later. What time would it be convenient for you, sir?

    3. Q: What will you do if the guest says that she wants to use her hairdryer, but it’s 110 volts?

       A: I will tell the guest that the electrical voltage in China is 220 volts. And I will send

       her a transformer or a hairdryer for 220 volts.

    4. Q: What will you say if the guest tells you the temperature in the room is not   agreeable?

    A: Don’t worry. I will adjust the air-conditioning for you.

    5. Q: If the guest comes to you and says he can’t open the door with the key to his room, what will you do?

    A: I will go and have a check with him, and help to have his key changed if necessary.

    6. Q: Try to introduce the different types and styles of rooms in the hotel to Mr. Bellows     who is making a reservation over the phone.

    A: What kind of room would you like, Mr. Bellows? We have single rooms, double rooms, suites and deluxe suites in Japanese, British,Roman, French and presidential styles.

    7. Q: A guest tells you that he is attending an important conference, and wants to have his suit dry-cleaned as soon as possible. What will you do to help?

    A: I will suggest that he take the express laundry service. There will be an extra charge of 50% for the express, but the laundry will be sent back to him in four hours.

    8. Q: What’s the information you give when you’re introducing a guestroom to the guest?

    A: I will introduce the equipment, the services provided, special facilities and the view the guest may get from the room.

    9. Q: You show the guest to his room, and he asks where he can get the slippers. What will you say?

    A: “Let me get the slippers for you, they are here in the wardrobe.”

    10. Q: If the guest says he would like to sleep late the next morning, what will you suggest?

    A: Please press the “Do Not Disturb” (DND) button before you go to bed, and you won’t be disturbed the next morning.

    11. Q: A guest wonders if the outdoor swimming pool of the hotel is a right place to cool off and relax.

    A: Our outdoor roof-top swimming pool features a 150-metre long pool. It presents an excellent oasis for the guests to cool off and relax after a busy day.

    12. Q: If the guest asks you to look after the baby for her, what will you say?

    A: I’m sorry, madam. I can’t do that. It’s against our hotel’s regulation. But we have a very good baby-sitting service. The sitters are well-educated and reliable.

    13. Q: What will the attendant say to help if a guest asks to have a stain on his clothes removed?

    A: Sure. We will try our best to remove the stain but we cannot guarantee the result.

    14. Q: What will you say if the guest complains the beef steak sent by Room Service is rare, while he asked for well-done?

    A: I’m terribly sorry. I will inform the Food and Beverage Department; they’ll see to the matter and have another steak prepared to your appetite.

    15. Q: What will you say if there is no room available for the guest who is calling to make a reservation?

    A: I’m sorry, but we are fully booked. Shall I put you on the waiting list? We will contact you if there is a cancellation.

    16. Q: How do you respond to an unexpected request from the guest?

    A: I’m not sure, but we’ll see what we can do for you. / I can’t guarantee, but let’s see what we can do.

    17. Q: Tell the guest how to use the “Make up Room” sign.

    A: If you want the housemaid to make up your room earlier, just hang the “Make up Room” sign outside on the door.

    18. Q: Tell the guest how to ask for Room Service by telephone.

    A: You can dial 515 to ask for Room Service. Room Service is available round the clock.

    19. Q: Explain to the guest the hotel preference policy in making up rooms.

    A: We always make up the check-out rooms first, unless there is a request.

    20. Q: Explain to the guest the use of the Hotel Service Directory.

    A:By referring to the Hotel Service Directory on the writing desk, you’ll find detailed information about all the services we provide in the hotel.

    21. Q: Inform the guests about the free shoe shining service of the hotel.

    A: The hotel provides free shoe shining service for the guests. Just put them into the shoe basket if you want to have them polished.

    22. Q: Tell the guests about the voltage difference between the USA and China; remind him that the sockets in the bathroom are for 110 volts and 220 volts respectively.

    A: The voltage here is much higher than that in the USA. There’re two sockets in the bathroom, one is for 110 volts and the other 220 volts.

    23. Q: The guest would prefer the turn-down service for him after 9:00 pm when you’ll be off duty. How do you respond?

    A: Don’t worry, sir. I will make sure to let the night staff know, and he’ll do the turn-down service for you after 9:00 pm.

    24. Q: Explain to the guest how to use the door knob menu to order and have his breakfast in the room.

    A:You may use the door knob menu to order Room Service. Just tick the items you’d like for breakfast, write down the time, and hang the door knob menu outside the door before you go to bed tonight

    25. Q: The guest orders Room Service, and now you are delivering his breakfast to the room. What do you say after knocking on the door?

    A: This is Room Service. I’ve brought you your breakfast.

    26. Q: Phone the guest and tell him that you’ve found the cell phone he lost the other day.

    A: This is Lost and Found. We have found your cell phone.

    27. Q: Apologize to the guest for the delay of his baggage delivery.

    A: I’m sorry for the delay. But the bellman is delivering your baggage up to your room now.

    28. Q: A visitor comes to meet Mr. Smith in Room 2501, but he is not in the room now, what do you say to the visitor?   .

    A: I’m afraid Mr. Smith is not in the room now. Would you like to leave a message?

    29. Q: How do you respond if a guest complains that one of the pillows in his room smells funny?  

    A: I’m sorry, sir. I will have a new pillow sent to your room right away.

    30. Q: How do you check with the guest when sending up his luggage?   .

    A: Here we are, Room 1208. You’ve got three pieces of luggage in all. Is that right, sir?

    31. Q: How do you ask the guest to make sure if there is something identical attached to his luggage?  

    A: Is there a tag or anything identical attached to your luggage, sir?

    32. Q: The guest wants to know if he can make a direct dial international call from his room.

    A: Yes, sir. You can make a direct-dial international call from your room. Please dial 9 first, and then the country code, the area code and finally the telephone number.

    33. Q: Tell the guest where to leave his laundry.   .

    A: Just leave your laundry in the laundry bag behind the bathroom door. The attendant will come and collect the laundry.

    34. Q: Tell the guests to contact you when they have requests.   .

    A: If you have any requests, please feel free to let us know, we are always at your service.

    35. Q: You’re sending back the laundry to Mr. Dave. Tell him a button on his shirt is missing, and you’ve sewed on a new one for him.   .

    A:Mr. Dave, here’s your laundry. By the way, one button was missing from your shirt, and we’ve sewed on a new one.

    36. Q: One guest looks worried, show your concern and offer your help.   .

    A: Good afternoon, you look worried. What has happened? How can I help you? / Can I be of assistance?

    37. Q: Apologize for the inconvenience caused to the guest, and assure him it will not happen again.   .

    A: I’m sorry for the inconvenience, sir. I assure you this won’t happen again.

    38. Q: The guest tells you that he’s just had a shower, and the bathroom is quite a mess.  

    A: Don’t worry sir. I will tidy up your bathroom right away.

    39. Q: How do you greet the checking-in guests at the Front Desk?  

    A: Good morning. Welcome to the Hotel. Do you have a reservation?

    40. Q: What are the items of information a receptionist should ask the guests to enter when filling out the registration form?

    A: The receptionist should make sure that such information items as the guest’s full name, address, nationality, forwarding address, visiting purpose and signature are all entered correctly and legibly.

    41. Q: How do you ask for guests’ personal information politely?

    A: Excuse me. May I have your name, address and your telephone number?

    42. Q: Inform the guest that you are able to accept his booking.

    A: We are glad to tell you that we are able to accept your booking.

    43. Q: How to ask about the Room Rate for a double room?

    A: What is the price for a double room? / How much is a double room per night?

    44. Q: You’ve helped the guest check in at the Front Desk. And now tell him to follow the bell boy to his room.

    A: If you are ready, the bell boy will show you up to your room.

    45. Q: How do you inform the guest of the arrival of his visitor?

    A: A certain Mr. Zhang wants to see you, sir. He is now waiting in the lobby.

    46. Q: How do you ask the speaker to slow down?

    A: Excuse me, but would you please slow down a little? / Excuse me, madam, but would you mind slowing down a bit?

    47. Q: Give two examples of making courteous parting remarks.

    A: Thank you for calling us, sir. / Thank you for choosing us for your service, sir. / Thank you for staying with us, sir. / Thank you for using Room Service, sir.

    48. Q: How do you talk about distance when showing guests the way?

    A: It takes about 20 minutes to get there by taxi/bus/on foot. /It is 20 minutes’ taxi ride/ bus ride/ walk from here.

    49. Q: How do you check if the visitor of a guest, named Williams, has an appointment?

    A: Did Mr. Williams know that you were coming? / Is Mr. Williams expecting you? / Do you have an appointment with Mr. Williams?

    50. Q: How do you offer to take a message for a guest?

    A: Would you like to leave a word/message? / Anything you’d like me to tell/pass along to the guest?

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